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Records Management Resources

a not-for-profit association and the leading authority on managing records and information – paper and electronic.

NYS ITS Chief Information Security Office. The duties of the Office of Cyber Security have been transferred to the Office of Information technology Services (ITS). The NYS Office of Cyber Security is now called the ITS Chief Information Security Office (CISO). The CISO is dedicated to the protection of the state's cyber security infrastructure through the identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities, deterring and responding to cyber events and promoting cyber security awareness within the state.

The Institute of Certified Records Managers™ (ICRM) is an international certifying organization of and for professional records and information managers. The ICRM was incorporated in 1975 to create a standard designation or CRM by which persons involved in records and information management could be measured, accredited, and recognized in accord with criteria of experience and knowledge established by their peers.

a leading professional association serving the needs of Municipal Clerks, Secretaries, Treasurers and Recorders and other allied associations from cities and towns worldwide.

a volunteer, regional consortium of archivists who live and work in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia, and in the District of Columbia.

a professional organization dedicated to the effective management of government information.

ensures, for the citizen and the public servant, for the President and for the Congress and the Courts, ready access to essential evidence.

established in 1971 and opened its doors to the public in 1978. It is a program of the State Education Department, with its main facility located in the Cultural Education Center on Madison Avenue in Albany. There it cares for and provides access to more than 130 million documents that tell the story of New York from the seventeenth century to the present. From its main facility, it also administers statewide programs that reach out to state agencies, local governments and community organizations. Archives staff are located in nine regional offices around the State to address the archives and records management concerns of every area of the State.

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